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  • Limmat

  • The Plum Blossom
    The Plum Blossom

    Yusef Lateef has been active in the jazz world since the 1950s. It is often introduced as a player of tenor saxophone and flute, but it is a masterpiece of blowing goods that uses many non-Western musical instruments such as Oboe of the same woodwind instrument, Shehnai of India, Shofar of Israel, Arghul of Egypt etc. . In this song, we selected the oldest instrument "Xun" in China to express the "Oriental sound" which is also the album name. It provides warmth like calm spring sunshine. It...

  • "Verena" Vogelzymphon, HC op. 194
    “Verena” Vogelzymphon, HC op. 194

    A work of 1991 by an artist Henning Christiansen who was a member of avant-garde art group Fluxus and also a professor of the Royal Conservatory of Denmark. Ryosaku which is superimposed with electronic sound on the material which seems to have processed the tape such as bird's strike, sheep's barking sound, bell sound etc. as the main body, and is gradually drawn into a different space. I was hoping for a recurrence because it was limited to 800 copies from German Galerie Bernd Klüser. * Po...

  • In C
    In C

  • Spin Thread Annie
    Spin Thread Annie